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News - 5 Up-and-Coming Drone Video Company Startups You've Likely Never Heard Of

If you are looking for a hot technology sector, look no further than the drone market. Millions of dollars are being poured into this sector by savvy angel investors and venture capitalists. From Airware and Skycatch to Drone Deploy and Skyward, there is no shortage of drone startups available to those looking for investment opportunities.

From drone cameras and aerial photography to drone deliveries and drone piloting as a career choice, there is plenty of interest in this market all over the globe. Drones are being used to capture fireworks displays, hunt for big-game wildlife, and follow breaking news stories in war-torn countries. Hollywood directors are using drones in their film and television productions, music artists are using drones in their outdoor concerts, and daredevils are using to drones to capture everything from erupting volcanoes to surfing footage. From both a consumer interest and investor interest standpoint, the potential of this sector is hard to overlook.

One way to spot opportunities others might miss is to track up-and-coming startup companies within the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector. Check out the following selection of drone startups to uncover intriguing companies being built within this burgeoning market:

Natilus is developing large autonomous drones for shipping. Currently in development, their project will help merchants and manufacturers to reduce air freight and container shipping costs by opting for autonomous drone shipping instead. (natilus.co)
Drone Delivery Systems

Drone Delivery Systems is developing a high-tech, solar-powered mailbox to accept deliveries from drones. With a growing number of companies exploring the possibility of drone deliveries, it makes sense that drone delivery recipients are going to need a way to accept deliveries if they are not home. From patients needing a rush delivery of a life-saving medication to a retail operation offering expedited shipping via drone, the potential for Drone Delivery Systems is huge. (dronedeliverysystems.net)

Aviator is building a marketplace for drone pilots. Drone owners can connect with businesses in need of their services, and companies can search for and find local drone operators. From mapping construction sites to taking photos for real estate companies, drone technicians can provide a multitude of services. Farmers are using drone surveillance to monitor crops, marrying couples are opting for aerial photography for their nuptials, and corporations are utilizing aerial surveillance for structure monitoring and maintenance analysis. As more business owners realize the potential of overhead image capture, Aviator is poised to become an essential part of the provider/client relationship. (aviator.io)
Hummingbird Drones

Based out of Kamloops, BC, Canada, Hummingbird Drones is bringing drone technology to wildfire management. Using drones to remotely monitor forests, their platform technology can be used by environmental agencies, fire protection services, or forestry companies. (hummingbirddrones.ca)

DroneShield offers protection from unauthorized UAVs. Whether you are managing a sports stadium or ensuring the security of a celebrity, invasive drones are an ever-increasing problem. From paparazzi to drone hobbyists flying near airports or prisons, the threat of an unauthorized drone cannot be overlooked. DroneShield offers sensors and software to monitor, analyze, and identify unwanted drones. (droneshield.com)

As indicated by the aforementioned companies, there are a wide variety of companies being built within the drone sector. From security and software to surveillance and supplemental services, entrepreneurs are building intriguing companies in numerous ways. Stay tuned to the innovation happening within the drone sector; you never know what sort of intriguing companies will be built next. Anyone up for virtual reality drones?